March 15, 2015

Dr. Lontz

Jameson C. Lontz, Ph.D

After completing undergraduate degrees at Spokane Falls Community College and Eastern Washington University as a first generation college graduate, Dr. Jameson Lontz earned a Master’s degree in psychology from Gonzaga University and a Ph.D. in psychology from Michigan State University. Dr. Lontz is a culturally competent generalist with work experience in university and community college teaching, assessment (testing) in forensics and neuropsychology, therapy (counseling) as a generalist as well as in rehabilitation psychology, pain management, and healthy living, and related research.

Dr. Lontz identifies strategies people can use to better their lives by combining objective forensic and neuropsychological assessments with his other clinical specialties to help myriad individuals with a variety of medical and psychological needs. Dr. Lontz is deeply passionate about his work as Executive Director of Blue Mountain Psychology, as it allows him to avoid any outside pressures to stray from his mission: Serving those who are in need with the same quality of care regardless of their financial or social situations.

Dr. Lontz has a successful track record of helping people gain psychological wellness and hope for their future. He embraces the challenges of working at the top of his degree while helping hundreds of patients per year. Dr. Lontz was raised locally. In his limited free time, he enjoys greater Spokane’s beautiful outdoors with friends and family.

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